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.999 Fine Silver Rounds and Silver Coins

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.999 Fine Silver Casting Grains (Silver Shots/Nuggets)

999 Fine Silver Shots

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Why Wait for the Perfect Time?

Unlike the speculative investments that everybody’s shoving in your face today, Gold and Silver constantly keep their value – and are still a true store of wealth.

Silver, in particular, is extremely affordable. When you buy 1 ounce Troy a week, that’s 1 cup of coffee per work day.


Get into that weekly habit, and not only will you have broken your caffeine addiction… before long, you’ll have replaced those depreciating dollars with a big swath of Sound Money that has survived inflation time and again. They have never gone to zero – or below zero.

Why wait for the perfect time?

Start with Silver

Move to Gold

Think about this it cost more to mint 1 penny than it is worth! In 2020, it cost the U.S. Mint 1.76 cents to mint a penny, and 7.42 cents to mint a nickel. So who’s paying for it?

Canada already de-circulated their penny in 2012 for the same reason. 10 years later, there's good reason to predict the American penny is also soon on the chopping block. You and me are paying a premium for our money. It has to originate from somewhere...

Pure Silver and pure Gold, a.k.a. "silver bullion" and "gold bullion", are not at the same risk. They are the raw, unadulterated elemental money given to you by the core of Mother Earth, and depended on as currency for generations.

They're rare, they're finite, and they're worth it.

Which Silver Products Should I Buy?

Most silver investors diversify their portfolio and safeguard their net worth with various different products. You can buy physical silver online in many different forms and sizes.

Unlike trading silver contracts on futures exchanges, you can start with EXACTLY the amount right now that's right for your wallet -- we mean ANY amount, from 1 gram to 1000 ounces -- and then go from there:

Silver Coins & Silver Rounds

1 Troy Ounce US Mint Silver Eagle 999 Silver Coin


The U.S. dollar has lost 96% of its buying power since 1913. In the 1950s, $2 in silver dollars would refuel your car. 70+ years later, $2 won't buy even a gallon. However, if you were to pay for gas with 2 silver dollars, the value of that silver will refuel your tank.

Whereas Silver Rounds are 99.9%+ pure silver in a coin shape and can be bought at closer to spot, only a government-minted bullion coin is legal tender—and IRA eligible. Hence, bullion coins command higher premiums.

The world-famous American Silver Eagles are costly to order from the U.S. Mint. Fortunately, you can get them for 40% less from SMX.

With no minimum quantity, it is possible to start your wealth-building adventure just by ordering a single coin, and have it shipped as soon as you pay.

Silver Casting Grains (Silver Shots)

1 Troy Ounce US Mint Silver Eagle 999 Silver Coin


Silver casting grains are small beads or “shots” of silver bullion (99.9%+ pure silver).

If you’re REALLY on a shoe-string budget, this is the cheapest way to start your collection now.

You can get from as little as 1 gram – or even a single grain – of investment-grade silver.

Like bullion coins and rounds, you can hold silver bullion grains as a long-term investment. Or eventually, once you’ve collected enough, you can have a bullion dealer like SMX melt or cast them into another product of the same volume, such as a bar or round, increasing the value of your investment.

Invest with Confidence

Don't buy when prices are high and sell when they're low — invest with confidence and make the most of precious metal prices.


  • Private Vaulting and Secure, Safe Investing

We provide the most secure, safe and insured way to invest in precious metals. You can also store your wealth in our private vault, where YOUR silver and gold never share space with someone else’s.

  • What's Your Portfolio Worth?

We offer the widest range of silver products, including coins, rounds, bars, bullion coins, and a range of investment opportunities — so you can build a diverse portfolio that fits your needs. Whatever you choose to invest in, we offer a quick checkout process and will ship your items right to your door.

  • Products That Make Sense for Your Budget

Whether you're starting out on your journey or want to add to an existing collection, we have the right product for you. Choose from a range of silver products at different price points so that you can build an investment strategy that works for you.

At SMX, you will find guaranteed 99.9%+ pure silver bullion coins of all shapes and sizes, from government mints all around the world.

Own your own silver coins without having to buy a full set upfront. Buy from the only company that ships you the coins as soon as you pay.

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