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Money Worries Keeping Me Awake: Do Inflation and Stagflation Affect Your Sleep Quality?

October 05, 20227 min read

The easiest way to sleep soundly at night: knowing your retirement is fully funded in gold and silver.

Your financial insecurity, and concerns about the future, might be keeping you awake at night. Worrying about whether or not you will have enough money to retire, pay for your children's education, or cover medical expenses can be incredibly stressful -- enough to stop you from getting a good night's sleep.

Additionally, you might be tossing and turning from nightmares about another economic recession or stock market crash.

AND being scared you can't find a precious metals dealer that does it all. Instant access to any bullion product you want, with free investment advice -- and instructions on how to transact on gold and silver.

"What if precious metals may not be a safe investment after all?"

1. Why Near-Retirees are Angry About Precious Metals

Some people are afraid of their cash, the money in their bank accounts, and their retirement accounts, being devalued in the event of a recession or depression, as that could lead to big losses. Others may be worried about bubbles in these assets, something that has happened in the past and can easily happen again. Some people just believe that these metals have intrinsic value and should not be judged by market fluctuations.

You may not be able to think or talk about anything else because you are so focused on the worry that your money will lose value.

If that's you, CPMDF is absolutely the right precious metals resource for you.

Most retirees, near-retirees and families who invest with us are angry about 5 things:

1. People who spend their time complaining and don't take action to improve their lives.
2. The government and how they manage money.
3. The economy and how it affects investments.
4. Banks and the way they handle customers' money.
5. Being told what to do with their life and not being able to make their own decisions.

These thoughts are enough to trigger anxiety. Yes, you may be aware that people are already living a lifestyle of freedom with precious metals. But how about the moments when you thought it was impossible? How about those repeating tape loops of doom that you've played over and over in your head, that "I'll never move away from fiat currency!"

2. How to Survive the Daily Frustration of Not Being Able to Buy Gold and Silver

Some people are angered enough by the inability to buy gold and silver that they worry they'll never do it.

WHAT are you angry with, exactly?

You may be angry at the government for not doing more to ensure a strong economy in your retirement years. You may also be angry at the companies who have outsourced jobs and lowered wages, making it difficult to save for retirement. Heck, you may even be angry at young financial gurus for suggesting a bunch of speculative investments without even knowing what to do about them.

Finally, you may be angry at yourself for not starting to save sooner.

What do you do about it?

  1. If you are angry at the government, you may be looking to buy gold and silver as a way to hedge against future economic instability.

  2. If you are angry at companies for outsourcing jobs, you may also want to consider buying stocks in these companies' competitors.

  3. If you are angry at young financial gurus for suggesting investments that you do not fully understand, then you may want to invest in index funds or mutual funds that focus on safety and stability.

  4. Finally, if you feel like you could have saved more money if only your circumstances were different, then finding a simple way to invest in safe assets such as gold and silver can help boost your confidence when it comes to your overall financial situation.

3. What if you're STILL frustrated with precious metals as an investment for retirement?

  • Maybe you're frustrated with the lack of availability of physical gold and silver bullion from dealers.

  • Maybe you're frustrated with the constant volatility of the stock market and other traditional investment vehicles.

  • Maybe you're concerned about future economic stability in light of global debt levels and political instability.

On this site, the first frustration is not an obstacle at all. CPMDF can help you with that -- on demand. We connect you with bullion dealers that easily source any size or type of silver or gold bullion. On demand.

With that first frustration out of the way, those other two are eliminated. Yippee Ki Yay!

No longer does buying or selling precious metals have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive.

No longer do you have to struggle understanding how prices change over time.

Best, your head will be cleared when it comes to long-term planning.

4. How to make your retirement savings last a lifetime 

One of the best ways to make your retirement savings last a lifetime is to invest in precious metals like gold and silver. Precious metals are considered "hard assets" which means that they retain their value over time, even during a bad economy.

Gold and silver have been used as money for centuries, so they are well known and trusted assets. Many people believe that they are still worth investing in today because of this. Furthermore, precious metals can also be used as trading vehicles. So if the market goes down, you can still sell your precious metals holdings and get back some of your investment.

The good news? You have access to an online platform where you can buy and sell precious metals directly from an investor – or a private mint. This makes it easy to get into these investments without having to deal with any brokers or middlemen – which is often the case when buying conventional stocks or securities.

5. How To Buy and Sell Your Gold and Silver Coins: Tips to Get the Best Price

Gold and Silver are among the most common and secure forms of commodity investments in the world. For starters, their value has never gone to zero. Ambitious investors buy them as a way to protect their assets, especially in times of economic instability.

There are many companies that sell gold and silver, but not all of them are created equal. Some dealers are more reputable than others, and some offer better prices, more variety in products, or more investment guidance. It is important to understand WHAT you're getting when you buy gold or silver, so you can be sure you're getting the best benefits possible.

Further, here are some tips when it comes to trading your gold and silver bullion:

  1. Contact local coin dealers or gold and silver buyers to see if they are interested in buying your coins.

  2. Invest in a quality security system for your coins, such as a safe deposit box or vault.

  3. Only sell your coins when you have exhausted all other options and are willing to accept the lowest offer.

Don't be left behind: Precious metals are a sound investment for retirement planning.

You secretly, ardently desire to be able to live your life on gold and silver so that you don't have to worry about a bad economy. Needless to say, with CPMDF, your secrets are safe.

Our suggested place to start would be Sovereign Mint Exchange. They cover all your basic needs when it comes to gold and silver:

  1. Immediate availability of products

  2. Fast shipping

  3. Get direct support and investment guidance in a single phone call

  4. You will receive an investment schedule entirely tailored to your exact budget. You can start slow and then up your weekly investment as you see fit.

  5. Low premiums on bullion coins such as Silver and Gold Eagles

Got recurring nightmares that you'll never transform your net worth or retirement into precious metals? Those nightmares are a thing of the past.

Rest assured that the dream of being able to transact in gold and silver isn't just in the "near future." You can have it now. Just contact Sovereign Mint Exchange to get started.

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